How to Make an Impressive Resume: 3 Rules

How to Make an Impressive Resume: 3 Rules

Resume is one important document that has the power to make or break your chances of landing up with a job of your choice. Working on that single document can have a far-reaching impact on your career graph. A resume is not merely a piece of paper that highlights your abilities but a professional asset to endorse yourself as a brand. A good resume is resourceful enough to get you an interview call from prospective companies. 

People often get confused between a resume and a CV. A resume is a crisp summary of your academic and professional skills and experiences while a curriculum vita is a comprehensive version of your educational and professional accomplishments with extreme focus on detail. 

So what exactly goes into crafting a superb resume that can help you make an excellent move in your career? Listed below are 3 rules to follow while preparing a resume:

  • Include only Relevant Information 

Keep your resume crisp and concise. 

You might be tempted into sharing every volunteering experience, every participation or every medal that you have won, but make sure to include only what is relevant to the job description provided. Make sure to emphasize only on your strengths keeping in mind the requirements of the employer. 

Supplementing your resume with a boatload of irrelevant information will only lower your chances of getting shortlisted.  For instance if you are applying for a job opening at an informal place write about your interests, and hobbies to perk up your resume. On the flip side, this information is useless when applying for a job at a formal setting. 

Add your achievements and quantify those using figures. For example, “Managed a team of XYZ people where A% earned promotions and B% were always ahead of their targets.”

Start with a meaningful, short, unique and interesting summary line for your resume. Avoid using clichés. 

  • Align Your Resume with the Job Description 

Positioning keywords has a pivotal role to play when restructuring your resume for a job application. Add certain keywords to your resume so as to align it with the roles and responsibilities asked for the said job description.  

Going through a tailored resume is much easier than a generic one and hence can increase your chances of getting shortlisted to multiple times. Identify the asked skills, responsibilities and competencies and try to incorporate the related terms and phrases into your resume if applicable.

Remember hiring managers are adept at their work and hence using keywords critical to the job description in your resume will attest to your strengths and sincerity by supplying them with the information they are on the lookout for. 

  • Make it Readable 

Avoid using too many words and lengthy paragraphs to explain your academic and professional skills. Minimize information to very little throwing light only on the essential parts. 

Shorter paragraphs easily captivate the reader’s attention besides, giving a cleaner look. Use a professional format and not more than 2 fonts throughout the entire document. 

Make sure your resume is devoid of any grammatical or typing errors. Proofread it several times or get an outside perspective from a friend, sibling or a relative.  

Needless to say that a professional resume relies heavily on the selection of right words and presentation. A nicely crafted resume easily stands out from the rest and helps you streamline your job hunt to quite an extent.

Five tips to face a Skype job interview

Job interviews are usually pressurizing and it can get real challenging when they’re online. Having an interview on Skype does not make it any less professional and you’re still required to follow a set of guidelines. Here are a few tips to make a great impression and ace your Skype job interview

Set up the room

Find a corner, preferably a plain wall in your house against which you can set the camera for your interview. Set up the lighting by checking in the camera so that your image doesn’t appear too bright or dark and adjust the frame nicely. Also, if you wear glasses then make sure you are not reflecting the monitor screen by adjusting the monitor angle. And don’t forget to check the microphone. Test out all of these things before your scheduled interview to be fully prepared at the time.

Dress up for the interview

Even though it’s an online interview, you should still be well dressed. Put on your formals or the kind of clothes you’d wear for an in-person interview as per the company demands. If it’s a formal interview, put on your tie. Most people feel that it isn’t required to dress up completely and putting on a shirt and tie is just enough. But it is not advisable. Wear the entire outfit to get in the zone and maintain your impression in case you are required to get up during the interview.

Practice it beforehand

Before the actual interview, practice it out with a friend or record your video to understand the way you appear and get an idea on the points you need to work on. Many people do not have an idea how they come across in a video and this will also help you to understand your personality and body language on video.

Pay attention on your body language

Just because the frame only includes the upper half of your body, you still cannot sit casually or however you want. Maintain a proper posture and pay attention to your body language. Do not sit very still and lean a little forward while communicating to express your engagement. And just like an in-person interview, avoid excessive hand movements and nodding.

Cheat a little if you want to

One of the advantages of giving an online interview is that you can take help of notes. Prepare some pointers you want to use for the interview. Place them in front of you but not in the frame. You can check them during the interview but avoid reading too much and be more actively present in the moment. These pointers are only to help you remind a few thing and not assist you with the entire interview.

First impression matters. Make the most out of your video interview keeping these simple tips in mind and display your capability.