A Quick Guide to Getting Hired Fast

Finding a job is not an easy task and it may seem to be a time taking process for many. The indefinite duration that might go into job hunting may often leave you hopeless and discouraged. Your professional profile might be lacking a few details, hindering the pace of your job search. Though they may seem to be trivial, they may have a significant impact on your job transition from being a slackened one to a speedy one.

Let’s take a look at how you can enhance your chances of getting hired faster:

1. Work On Your Profile

Before you kickstart with the application process, work and rework on your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profiles focusing on your achievements and positive traits. An updated resume and LinkedIn profile is known to generate better response from prospective employers.

Prepare your portfolio religiously ahead of registering your job application.

2. Start Networking

Connect with all your personal, alumni and professional contacts to get you droves of first, second and third degree connections. Tapping into these connections will help step up your chances of getting hired at a better pace.

When you follow this referral channel, you upgrade yourself from being just another random applicant to an industry’s connection who may in turn introduce your application to the hiring manager and eventually help you get hired faster. 

3. Spread the Word about Your Availability

Also, make sure everyone in the business knows that you are actively seeking job opportunities; so that they may help you connect to a prospective employer or inform you about a particular job opening within their knowledge.

Putting yourself out is a very important step to help you get a job earlier than your counterparts. Ask your connections to write recommendations to help you make a move in your career graph.

4. Contact Recruiters, and Hiring Agencies

Getting in touch with an employment agency or a recruiting manager is another way to make your profile available to potential employers. When you use their services, you eventually give a push to your job hunt by putting yourself out there in front of the hiring managers and recruiters without wasting much time and effort.

Also, since recruiters and hiring agencies get paid in lieu of their services to the company, they are usually free of cost for job seekers.

5. Prioritize On Relevant Job Positions

Applying for every random job position under the sun must be avoided at all times to save your precious time and effort. Start by reading the job description stating the roles and responsibilities, skills and competencies that are required to help you determine if you are the best fit for the said job position.

Don’t fall for the job alert trap set by various job portals. Instead, stick to only relevant job positions to stay focused on potential job openings that align with your capabilities. This will not only save your time but also help you curate good quality and customized cover letters and resume particular to specific job positions and hasten the process of hiring down the road.

Having said that, it is also necessary to consider applying to as many companies as required within the aligned framework of required skills and competencies.

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