FAQs for candidates

Most frequent questions and answers

Given the interest expressed by HR’s in wanting to solve the hiring issues, Hirefast decided to provide a customized platform to do just that and more. A group of very active and enthusiastic HRs & Senior members decided to come together and thus came into being, Hirefast. This sub-group also forms the core team which carries out an initial assessment of recommended candidates.

Hirefast is an independent forum with over 2000 Hrs  & Senior members & HNIs, with the purpose of solving  the issues of hiring and invest on young talents. Hirefast aims to leverage and apply the distributed knowledge of the members, in a collective manner, to all the hiring problems or requirements. Since there is no need of intermediaries in hirings, we expect to reduce the cost, time and effort significantly. 

Every CV is judged  on the basis of 10 internal criteria defined by Hirefast team, if selected then the candidate will  further be pushed for the only telephonic round.

Every candidate will have to attend a call of 10 minutes, in the first 5 minutes they will be asked about their life story, followed by 2 minutes questions related to life then to role. Last 3 minutes will be related to the skills  and talent they possess. 

In the next 30 minutes after the telephonic round, candidate will get a confirmation email from Hirefast.

No, there is no fee to be paid by candidates. Hirefast completely promotes talents and nurture  them to grow big. 

Hirefast always remains there for candidate nurturing and growth and we keep ourself in touch with every employee and will be willing to nurture them on any stage required.

You can write to [email protected] with the following details, and we will get in touch with you.

1. Candidates’ Full Name and Linkedin URL

2. Story Self: One brief about your life

3. Candidates’ Contact details- Email address and mobile number

4. Expression of interest: A brief on the job role that you need IP Ventures to support you on your current profile, your current and expected C