FAQs for HRs

Most frequent questions and answers

Given the interest expressed by HR’s in wanting to solve the hiring issues, Hirefast decided to provide a customized platform to do just that and more. A group of very active and enthusiastic HRs & Senior members decided to come together and thus came into being, Hirefast. This sub-group also forms the core team which carries out an initial assessment of recommended candidates.

Hirefast is an independent forum with over 2000 Hrs  & Senior members & HNIs, with the purpose of solving  the issues of hiring and invest on young talents. Hirefast aims to leverage and apply the distributed knowledge of the members, in a collective manner, to all the hiring problems or requirements. Since there is no need of intermediaries in hirings, we expect to reduce the cost, time and effort significantly. 

As a further elaboration of point number 1, the USP and related advantages are laid out below:

a. Diverse network of more than 2000 distinguished Senior Professionals & HRs spanning across various Geographies, Industries and areas of Expertise that are available real-time to refer any candidates required along with their feedback.

b. Low cost to be a part of the network, given distributed nature, which would be almost half of any other significant angel group.

c. Higher chances of success in hiring, as the reference, is given by experts in the fields of Business, Technology as well as functional areas.

d. Ability to help the candidate nurture and take them to the next level by providing them additional access to information, guidance, and mentorship along with network.

f. Ability to refer to candidates that are already known to this forum members, and give an opportunity to your best employees,  further building a long term relation with them.

The idea is to keep the costs as low as possible, while still making the initiative sustainable. Being a professional group, meant for the serious members who can identify “Value in any hired candidate” the costs would need to be shared among the members. The cost would include the cost of the analyst, support staff, IT platform/infrastructure as required, hiring consultants etc. and also cover for admin expenses (example meeting expenses). A fund is expected to be created as an annual subscription from the members. However, for any potential member to evaluate the forum, an initial period of 3 month would be free of cost.

As an extension to point number 1, one could evaluate being a part of this forum if you are serious about one or more of the following objectives:

a. Want to take the feedback  of candidates you hiring from your peers.

b. Want to decrease the turn-around time for  hiring.

c. Want to teach and share your knowledge, expertise, and experience related to hiring with

other members of the forum

d. Want to evaluate a candidate as an important resource for your business or organisation you  work with.

e. Want to create some extra wealth by helping and building the community.

To be a member in Hirefast, the individual should be referred by an existing member of Hirefast.

The membership to Hirefast is however subject to the ground rules of this forum. The member should have a complete profile available to the Hirefast team (Example contact details, PAN Card, Aadhar Card details etc). Further, the member should be a HR or decision maker on hirings in their respective organizations. However, the management of “HIrefast” reserves the right to allow any members to join or continue with the membership.

At hirefast, Points are called HPV (i.e., Hirefast Points Value).

Action Points Accumulated
Referring HRs or Decision Makers2000
Referring new CV100
Referred Candidate Joining 1000
Like, Share, Comment Hirefast LinkedIn Post200
  • To be the part of Networking Events
  • In gift vouchers for various  platforms 
  • In doing various candidate tests.
  • We do not encourage using the forum for marketing or commercial purposes unless any member query is specifically related to services provided by your Company. In any case, if you do wish to advertise (only for the company you work for), then we allow the same on the donation of 10,000 points to Hirefast Points Value.
  • In case anyone wants to join Hirefast Forums, she/he needs to be referred to the forum by any one of our existing members. A Note can be sent to [email protected] introducing the new member.
  • Any hirefast member  can refer a candidate to the forum, provided they know the candidate personally. A basic  interviews and skill test will further done by Hirefast team and the report will be shared with all the HRs to let the final  decision left on the members.

    As a clarification, we do not intend to put any restriction to any candidate based on Industry, Technology etc.

  • a. One should keep the discussions confidential, not to be shared in public or otherwise outside the forum.

    b. While members share their opinions and have discussions on various candidates, the ultimate decision lies solely on the hiring member’s discretion, and therefore “hirefast” is not responsible for any hiring done by the members.

    c. Members may choose to hire or do freelance tie-ups as suited with the candidates.

    d. The onus of managing ‘conflict of interest’ lies with the member and not Hirefast.

    e. Similarly, “Hirefast” does not proclaim or guarantee any background checks, it is a collective effort with no recourse to any member/forum.

    f. The member does not owe his/her earnings to the group, vis a vis the group is not liable to make good a loss due to hiring made.

  • For information on Hirefast, please write to [email protected] with the following details

    • Your Full Name

    • Current Designation & Company

    • Email ID- Personal and Professional

    • Mobile Number for us to contact you.

    • Expressions of Interest- In brief do express your requirements which you believe Hirefast can help you in.